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What is the Adore Your Floor Guarantee?

Immerse yourself in the assurance of our Adore Your Floor Guarantee, where your Room to Explore floor becomes a canvas for your cherished moments. At Flooring America, our guarantee transforms the concept of warranties into a warm embrace for your home. Imagine the joy of updating your space with a new style or color, effortlessly aligning with the rhythm of your lifestyle. It's not merely about floors; it's about creating moments—the comfort of family gatherings, the spontaneity of living room dance parties, and the tranquility of lazy Sunday mornings. Let our guarantee be the seamless thread weaving through the chapters of your unique story, making every step feel like coming home.

Adore Your Floors Warranty Grid


Replacing Your Room to Explore Floor: What You Need to Know


When the time comes to refresh your Room to Explore floor through our Adore Your Floor Guarantee, simply reach out to your local Flooring America retailer within the warranty period. Your choices are plenty—take your pick from Room to Explore hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring products, with no extra cost for options of equal or lesser value, except as detailed below. While there's no cash back for going for a less expensive choice, the only job on your to-do list is deciding if you want to splurge on a pricier selection or cover any cost differences due to changes during the warranty period.


When it comes to the replacement, we've got you covered for both materials and labor. That includes the nitty-gritty—say goodbye to the old, in with the new, and back on the floor. However, tasks like removing baseboards, moving furniture, and addressing obstacles are your responsibility, and paying attention to this may delay installation. Additional responsibilities, like replacing baseboards and quarter-rounds and painting surrounding walls post-installation fall into your hands.


Exclusions from Adore Your Floor Guarantee


The Adore Your Floor Guarantee is here to ensure you have peace of mind with your Room to Explore floor. It covers a one-time replacement during the warranty period, giving you a safety net for any unexpected twists and turns that life may throw your way. Keep in mind, though, that once we've done that initial replacement, we can't accept any more claims. 


Now, let's talk about what our Adore Your Floor Guarantee doesn't cover. No replacements come into play if your flooring has faced some tough love, whether it's been through abuse, not-so-great maintenance, vandalism, alterations, or damage from events like smoke, fire, flood, wind, water, lightning, or other unforeseen happenings. We're focusing on making sure you're over the moon with the color and style of your Room to Explore product.


Anything beyond that? Well, that's where other warranties in this document come into play. The Adore Your Floor Guarantee is exclusively for the original purchaser of a Room to Explore flooring product, and the installation needs to be done by a pro—either a Flooring America retailer or an authorized independent installer.


Replacement is limited to Room to Explore hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring products; carpet is not eligible. Custom installations, including patterns, medallions, or borders, are excluded from the Adore Your Floor Guarantee, and no replacements are covered for such custom-installed flooring.


**Disclaimer: Guarantees and warranties are under the jurisdiction of each Flooring America store. For details and specifics, please contact your local Flooring America.